How It Works

  • Process Overview:

    1. Water is extracted from source

    2. It is stored in a raw water tank

    3. A pump extracts the water from the tank

    4. The water passes through bespoke multi-filtration pre-treatment

    5. Chemicals are dosed into the water stream as per application

    6. The water is pumped into a specially designed reverse osmosis system

    7. The purified water is treated to the required spec and stored, ready for distribution

    8. Brine from the process is reclaimed and disposed of

Process Overview

  • Standard systems purify from 1.5m3 to 85 000m3 of water per day

  • Fully autonomous, off-grid systems, that are environmentally friendly.

  • Excess of power can be produced for grid supplementation.

  • Mobility and Agility is key. Rapid deployment and erection of the systems where required.

  • Equipment fits inside a shipping container, easily and safely transported.

  • Affordable and re-deployable assets serving a large range of applications with a minimum maintenance cost.